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Anjuli & Colin // Beach Wedding

This wedding on the beach was everything! From the gorgeous views and wonderful colors from the Hindu ceremony. Followed by an intimate dinner with delicious Indian food and dancing. It’s no doubt that this has been a difficult year to get married but Anjuli & Colin brought all the fun, color and love.

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Kim & Tim // Boston Wedding

Despite having to change their plans countless times Tim and Kim were determined to get married and celebrate their love with their closest friends and family. The day started with a first look in the Brookline, a South Boston ceremony, dinner and dancing that turned into a Karaoke night.


Paige & Kyle // Backyard Wedding

Fall is my absolute favorite season, and Paige and Kyle got married on the most perfect fall day. It was unseasonably warm and peak fall foliage. This wasn’t the wedding day they originally planned. But at the end of the night I left this wedding feel so lucky to have captured the amazing love and warmth from all of Paige & Kyle’s family and friends.

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Repeat after me, “Fergie Medar is a creative genius!” To say that my engagement shoot and wedding photos came out as beautiful as I’d ever imagine, would be the understatement of the century. My fiancé and I aren’t typically used to getting photographed, however Fergie made it feel easy! Her ability to connect with us so effortlessly and her easy-going personality were just two of the many reasons why we chose her as our photographer. Her use of natural light is exactly the mood that my fiancé and I were going for and she nailed it in every.single.picture. We had a massive wedding party so I was afraid that our pictures were going to take longer than the cocktail hour time allotted, but she made sure we stayed on the track the entire time, ushering the group here and there and making sure we got every shot I had requested. Multiple times throughout the planning process, she reached out to me to get me excited about the wedding being just around the corner. Her enthusiasm matched mine and I was truly looking forward to seeing her the day of the wedding! These photos are a treasure of mine and my fiancé’s that we’ll have forever and ever and they truly speak for themselves. If you’re looking for photos that melt you heart the more you look at them, I’d absolutely choose Fergie. <3 The Cosgroves